The Grand Lodges Log Cabin range is superior in every way and there is a good reason for this. Firstly the timber is winter cut pine, which is not just tight grained but is also an excellent timber for accepting wood stain. All our cabins are manufactured from particularly good timber and then cut to an appropriate thickness of wall log. Every single log is handpicked, every single part of the cabin, be it the 28mm floorboard or the 19mm roof boards, bearers, wall boards, windows, and doors are checked to make sure that they are perfect in every way.

Most of our log cabins are all under 2.5m high, which normally means you do not have to apply for planning permission. However, it is best you check with your local council. Most of the time you are allowed to build without planning, under 30 square metres and under 2.5 metres high

What really does make the Grand Lodges Range of log cabins special? It could possibly be because we precision manufactured log cabins, or that they come with 28mm flooring as standard. or that the designs are possibly the most sought after in the UK, also Deluxe Cabins come standard with superb quality residential standard Windows and Doors, which are the best in the industry.

All our windows and doors are manufactured using the latest computerized CNC window and door line, plus they are professionally sprayed, to any colour you want from the Rai Chart. So many people do not realise that the windows and doors are actually the most important integral part of a log cabin, once they begin to fail, the cabin normally starts to fall apart, you will start getting water ingress and then sadly rot will set in, then comes blue stain and dangerous mould. Most windows and doors on bulk manufactured log cabins are not manufactured to last the test of time, they are manufactured to a price point.

What is fact, is that all bulk cabin manufacturers are in this business to make as much profit as possible, and sadly the quality benchmark for most log cabin manufacturers is to be just a bit better than a basic shed. It seems as if we are harping on greatly on the quality of windows and doors, but it is very important that when purchasing a log cabin, or a timber frame building, that these parts of the kit are manufactured to the best they can be, this is why Grand Lodges should be your only choice.